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Is It In The Contract?

In American business and throughout the world, the central element of any business transaction or agreement is the contract. The contract is the memorialization of the understanding between the parties. Contract law is the heart of much of what makes up business law and individuals may underestimate the number of relationships governed by contracts in the daily operation of their business.

The number and variety of documents that constitute contracts is substantial. Everything from purchase orders, transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code, to partnership agreements and loan documents are types of contracts. Even some oral agreements may be enforceable in New York as a contract. Your credit card and cellphone agreement are contracts.

Carré, PLLC Attorneys at Law provides a full range of services to clients with contract law matters, for its business and commercial law clients, including:

  • Draft and review contract documents
  • Sales, purchases, leases and option agreements concerning commercial properties, single and multifamily homes, SROs, cooperatives and condominium apartments
  • Construction contracts
  • Construction loan documents
  • Counsel concerning real estate financing
  • Operating, partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Buying/selling a business
  • Corporate dissolution
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Litigation Matters Involving A Contract

The firm also provides litigation support for situations involving breach of contract or any other dispute involving the terms of an agreement between the parties or the negotiation of complex, multi-party cooperation and settlement agreements. The firm’s founding attorney has extensive experience with litigation involving construction projects and real estate transactions, as well as a broad range of other contractual matters.

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