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Providing Experienced Legal Counsel to the Business, Construction and Real Estate Community in the New York metropolitan area.

Representation For All Aspects Of Construction Law Matters

Construction projects are always complex in New York. The work may be located on properties that are ancient, many laid out in the 19th century. The buildings on the property may be in the process of demolition, refurbishment or replacement.

There may be concerns involving the support and protection of surrounding properties, potential for damage, the multiple layers of regulatory bureaucracy, labor issues and the host of issues that can always derail a project, from weather and issue with supplies to nonperformance by a designer, consultant, contractor or subcontractor.

Protecting Your Interests During Construction

Carré, PLLC Attorneys at Law is a law firm that provides experienced representation for construction contractors, property owners, developers, design professionals, sureties and financing entities involved in these projects.

The firm’s focus has been construction law and development projects, and provides the legal support to protect your interests from the initial planning of the project, during its execution and on through to completion.

Attorneys from the firm can assist with matters related to:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract compliance, and documenting changes and claims
  • Preclaim dispute avoidance
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Construction loan documents
  • Counsel concerning real estate financing
  • Professional malpractice claims and defense
  • Labor Law 240/241 defense
  • Construction litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, arbitration concerning construction disputes
  • Coordinate and supervise outside claim consultants

Contact Our Westchester County Office For Assistance

To speak with a lawyer for assistance with any of these matters, contact the firm’s White Plains’ office at 914-304-4266 or 888-460-8657. Consultations may also be arranged by using the firm’s online form.